Here’s What ‘Iranian Leaders’ are doing to Help Flood-Affected ‘Iranian People’


From mid-March to April 2019, all Iranian provinces were affected by widespread flooding.

The situation of flood-affected people are critical
  • More than half a million have been displaced, losing their homes and all their belongings.
  • There’s no or little access to food, clean water, medicine, clothing and heating in remote areas.
  • People in the flood-affected areas are either dieting or suffering from malnutrition.
  • According to an MP, at least 300,000 houses have been destroyed in Khuzestan alone.
  • The damages by floods is equal (if not more) to the damages caused by the eight-years of war with Iraq.
  • The flood has affected 2,000 cities and town in 31 provinces.
  • Many believes that the flood is the worst natural disaster happening in today’s Iran.
  • At least two million Iranians are in need of humanitarian aid.
What the Iranian Leaders are doing to help the flood-affected Iranian people?
  • Instead of sheltering the flood-affected people, the Iran Regime is selling them tents for 500,000 tomans, each.
  • Instead of attending to the needs of the affected citizens, has brought in their mercenary paramilitary troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, to quell the outraged residents of flood-hit areas.
  • The Iranian Regime had also warned the Iranian citizens that the citizens could be prosecuted for their online postings about the devastation.