Iran Regime Continuing to Arrest & Torture Female Activists


KURDISH CIVIL activist Zahra Mohammadi, a teacher of Kurdish language, was arrested on May 23, 2019.

Zahra had been teaching Kurdish language for ten years and had founded the Nojin Social and Cultural Association in 2013. Two more members of this association were also arrested simultaneously.

Zahra Mohammadi | Report Syndication

Iranian intelligence-personnel in Sanandaj, the capital of the Iranian-controlled Kurdistan, made these arrest.

Zahra’s  family managed to visit her on May 30. Ever since, there’s no new news of her. Zahra’s family, friends and well-wishers are extremely concerned about her whereabouts as well as her physical and mental conditions.

It is worth noting that Zahra is well-educated person who holds a postgraduate degree in Geopolitics.

ON APRIL 29, 2019, Akram Nasirian, a Charity Worker who was helping people in flood-impacted areas of Iran, was arrested by the Iranian security agents for unknown reasons.

Charity worker Akram Nasirian was a member of a relief group that was assisting the flood victims in Iran. The situation of flood-affected people in Iran are critical. More than half a million have been displaced, losing their homes and all their belongings.

Akram Nasirian | Report Syndication

At least two million Iranians are in need of humanitarian aid. People in the flood-affected areas are either dying or suffering from malnutrition due to the lack of food, clean water, medicine, clothing and heating in remote areas. It is the charity workers like Akram Nasirian who have been bringing reliefs (and hopes) for the flood-affected people.

Instead of encouraging the likes of Akram Nasirian to help the flood-affected Iranian people, the Iranian Regime has been arresting these charity workers.

In a video message on Instagram, Akram Nasirian’s son Nima Mehdipour said: “For what crime have you arrested my mother? For teaching Afghan refugees to read and write and helping flood victims in the south of the country?”

He added: “I call on all social activists and human rights groups to work for her immediate and unconditional release. Free Akram Nasirian.”

Akram Nasirian was later freed on bail after 27 days in Ward 209 of Tehran’s Evin Prison.