Migration to Europe: More Afghans than Syrians


More Afghans have been migrating to the European Union (EU) than Syrians recently.

According to the latest data from the EU border agency Frontex, Afghans accounted for over 16,000 illegal border crossings into the EU till September 2019.

Although it is predicted that the recently launched Turkish military campaign on the northeastern Syria would increase the flow of migrants/asylum-seekers from Syria to the EU, the increasing number of Afghans poses a more immediate problem.

From January to September 2019, Afghans have been using several routes including Eastern Mediterranean, Western Balkan and Central Mediterranean to reach the EU shores.

  • Around 12,356 Afghans have used Eastern Mediterranean route.
  • Around 3618 Afghans have used Western Balkan route.
  • Around 40 Afghans have used Central Mediterranean route.