Governments Imposing Lockdowns to Fight the Spread of CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus Covid-19 | Report Syndication


Many national and local governments across the world have been locking down states/provinces and cities as a restrictive measure to fight the spread of CoronaVirus Covid-19. The rapidity of the spread of the virus is growing by the day,  and the global death toll is accelerating sharply.

As governments and local authorities across the world are imposing mandatory shutdowns of schools, universities and businesses, the people are finding themselves stuck in their residents. Many businesses have asked their employees to work from home as they have temporarily shut down their office spaces. What’s worse, many have lost their livelihoods.

The lockdowns are perhaps inspired by the Chinese model of fighting the spread of the virus, as China has been reporting reduced cases of new patients after imposing lockdown in Hubei province. Wuhan, the alleged starting point of the virus, is the capital of Hubei.

In the United States, the individual states — including California, Illinois and New York — ordered the residents to stay at home. Applauding the decisions of restrictions in New York and California, the US President Donald Trump said that those two were the really two hotbeds. However, he said that he didn’t think a USA-wide lockdown would be necessary.

In Europe, which is the new epicentre of the virus, the governments have been continuing to enforce lockdowns. Italy, which is the worst-hit country in Europe and the second worst-hit in the world, has imposed the fiercest lockdown only second to China’s Hubei.

In other European countries, including France and Spain, people have been asked to stay at home. Some governments and local authorities have even threatened to fine those who do not follow the restrictions. It is worth noting here that when France imposed restrictions, more than 4000 people were fined on the first day alone.

After its European neighbours, Britain too moved quickly to impose restrictions, asking pubs, restaurants and theatres to close.

In Iran, the daily rates of infected patients and death toll are rising quickly. Although Iran appears to be third most affected country as per Iran’s official figures, many independent and international organizations claim a much higher figure than that of the government. Iranian opposition forces in exile too are claiming the same. If these claims are true, Iran — not Italy — could be the second worst-hit country in the world, with the possibility of becoming the worst affected one if the cases of infected patients and death-toll continues to rise.

The virus is spreading in other Middle Eastern countries too. Some African countries have also started reporting infected cases. In Central and South America too, this virus is spreading rapidly, with Cuba and Bolivia announcing to close their borders and Colombia opting for mandatory isolation.