Should Investors be Interested in Iran?


Many analysts have opined that economies and businesses need to reduce their dependency on Iran, as overall scenario regarding Iran is unstable.

There are three reasons for this unstable scenario:

  1. Inconsistency of the USA’s Iran policy, particularly with regard to sanctions.
  2. Internal political instability.
  3. Worsening internal security situation.

Even if the USA withdraws its sanctions on Iran in future, this doesn’t give economies and businesses any reason to be sure of a stable scenario for Iran. This is because, the issue of sanctions on Iran has been very inconsistent.

A Kurdistan24 article had provided the exact picture of this inconsistency:

“… the United States policy regarding Iran is not a stable or consistent one and keeps changing. The sanctions timeline – decades-long sanction, sanction-withdrawal (2015), reimposing of sanction (2018), and, finally, tightening of sanctions (2019) – is a testimony to the US’ inconsistent Iran policy.”

Hence, withdrawal of sanctions in future wouldn’t mean that the sanctions will not be re-imposed again.

Furthermore, analysts have been suggesting economies and businesses to heavily look for alternatives to Iranian oil, as Iran is on the verge of sheer instability. Few factors are pushing Iran towards this instability:

  • the continuous protests by the mass Iranians in towns and villages against the failing governance system,
  • various ethnic communities’ dissatisfaction over how the Iranian leadership treats them,
  • growing sentiment of various suppressed communities to adopt an armed rebellion against Iranian state,
  • the secular opposition’s rising urge to overthrow current Iranian establishment, and last but not the least
  • the mounting efforts by the some regional and extra-regional countries to destabilize Iran for a regime change.

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