Air Pollution is a GLOBAL THREAT

Activists gather to demand clean air | Report Syndication


The levels of air pollution in some cities across the world are very high — something which is having an adverse impact on human health. The governments across the world should take urgent action to tackle this ‘global threat’.

Indeed, air pollution is a ‘global threat’. Many studies concluded that air pollution harms human health, including causing diseases and even death. It also harms animals and food crops.

Many studies concluded that air pollution contributes to premature deaths in cities that have higher levels of toxic air. After all, the levels of toxic air in many cities across the world are already much higher than the guidelines recommended by World Health Organization (WHO).

If the air pollution levels were less than the recommended level, the average life expectancy would have been higher than the existing one.

Despite the fact that air pollution is having a major impact on human health, the governments of many countries are in denial of the correlation between air pollution and premature deaths. Clearly, these governments prioritize political and economic interests over well being of human health.

The governments responsible for the most affected cities must take ‘urgent action’ against this ‘global threat’. Indeed, it is high time to take fast and effective measures to reduce air pollution. Doing so will result in major health benefits.

On the contrary, the more these governments delay in taking necessary measures, the more harms will be caused to human health, animals, food crops and natural environment.