Pressures from Iranians & International Community will Collapse Iran Regime


The designation of Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization was argued by many analysts as the right decision, as the hardliner organization is the Iranian Regime’s primary instrument of terrorism as a form of statecraft.

After citing a number of atrocities committed by the IRGC, an article on Asia Times suggests that considering the atrocities, it wasn’t an unfair move to designate the organization as “terrorist.” The article further suggests that designating an entity that has a record of causing horror, terror and death as terrorist is an appropriate response to its atrocious actions.

Famous historian Abbas Amanat writes in his book “Iran: A Modern History” that the IRGC has become “the single most effective guarantor of the regime’s survival.”

A missed-chance of Regime collapse

Iranian Regime uses domestic repression on dissidents. In recent years and in particular in 2018, there were clashes between the Iranian people and security forces, including IRGC, during the nationwide protests against the Iranian establishment.

These protests and clashes display the very fact that if the Iranian people could be organized and led by a force in the ground, they could well be able to take back their freedom from their leaders by snatching away the power these leaders hold.

Had the IRGC been weakened way earlier by global economic isolation, the public protests last year might have forced the Regime further into domestic isolation. In the face of dual pressures from its own people and the international community, the Regime would then have collapsed. Hence, the IRGC’s terrorist designation should have come earlier.

There’s still hope for fall of Regime

But as they say, its better late than never. Atleast now a window of opportunity has opened after IRGC’s terror designation. If the Iranian people could now be organized and led by a force in the ground, the collapse of the Regime could be precipitated.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) could be the right choice for the purpose of leading Iranian people to freedom. In this case, the international community has to make the effort to bring all the anti-Regime forces — religious, secular and ethnic — into one fold under the leadership of NCRI against one single specific enemy, i.e. the Iranian Regime. It could be a significant step toward the positive transformation of Iran and the broader Middle East.