Human Activities’ Increasing Influence on Climate & Temperature


Human activities — such as the use of fossil fuels, the exploitation of tropical forests, and livestock farming — have an increasing influence on the climate and temperature of the earth.

These activities release huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which add to those naturally present in the atmosphere, thus reinforcing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Greenhouse gases :

  • carbon dioxide (CO2);
  • methane;
  • nitrous oxide;
  • fluorinated gases.

CO2 is the most greenhouse gas produced by human activities; it is responsible for 63% of global warming caused by humans. Its concentration in the atmosphere is currently 40% higher than that of the beginning of industrialization.

Causes of rising emissions:

  • The burning of coal, oil and gas produces carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.
  • The disappearance of forests (deforestation). Trees help regulate the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Also, when they are cut down, this positive effect is lost and the carbon stored in the trees is released into the atmosphere, worsening the greenhouse effect.
  • The increase in breeding. Cattle and sheep produce large amounts of methane when digesting their food.
  • Fertilizers containing nitrogen produce nitrous oxide emissions.
  • Fluorinated gases have a considerable warming effect, up to 23,000 times higher than that of CO2. Fortunately, they are released in smaller quantities and are progressively banned by European Union regulations.


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